About my BC to HE date conversion tool

You can find this tool here (will open in a separate tab).

You can get an idea of what’s possible with this tool by watching this video:

And this video shows how I translate a typical Wikipedia article:

As you can see, it takes about 5 minutes. There are bigger articles like Alexander the Great of Julius Caesar that can take 30 minutes or more to translate, each. But then there are other, very small ones, where I just need to translate one date, which takes a few seconds.

What you need to know when using my tool

Insert only plain text into it. If you just copy some text from your browser you’ll end up with a mess. Along with year numbers you’ll be highlighting numbers from HTML markup, like RGB color numbers and such.To make rich text plain put it into some plain text editor first. Then copy it from there.

Also, you should know that this tool is pretty dumb and it is not fool-proof. So try to avoid chaotic actions like pressing the same button multiple times in a row.

The window of the editor is made small on purpose. It helps you to focus and not miss anything when you are looking for stuff that needs to be unhighlighted. I made it fullscreen at first, but it didn’t work well for me.

If you don’t understand some of the date conversions, read this small article.

Translating texts for my wiki project vs for other purposes

I created this tool to facilitate translation of Wikipedia articles for my project. You can see in the videos that instead being translated right away dates get wrapped in a special syntax. That syntax is later used by my wiki to finally translate everything.

When you translate texts that are not meant to be published on a wiki website the process is the same, but in the very end you just use the button called ‘Translate finally’ to translate everything inside the editor.

Before final translation you may want to save the marked up version of your text, and use it as a source if you need to fix anything in your text in future.

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